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mimosa hostilis root bark supplier

About us

Mimosa Bark USA: Natural Dyes for Everyone

Mimosa Hostilis Root bark brings the beauty of nature to your clothes and home with natural dyes for clothing and incense. We believe in the connection between nature, creativity, and well-being.

Our MHRB are more than just color dye – they’re a bridge to history, culture, and sustainable living.

We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality product on the market and offer stellar customer service

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Our Story

mimosa hostilis root bark supplier

We started Mimosa Bark USA in 2020, driven by a shared passion for plants and their cultural significance. Unlike big companies, we’re just Koen and Eliza, a couple who have always been drawn to the power of ethnobotany.

Jurema played a special role in our lives, bringing beauty and positive change. Inspired to share this with others, we created Mimosa Bark USA. The world has transformed a lot in recent years, and we’ve all faced challenges. Yet, we’re grateful to welcome you to our peaceful, understanding space.

Enjoy browsing our products, knowing there are real people behind them, putting love and care into everything we do. We believe in positive vibes, and hope you feel them too.

Providing quality Mimosa Hostilis root bark since 2020

Our Mimosa is directly imported from Brazil and Mexico, we make sure that only the highest quality root bark is reaching our customers! Our Mimosa Hostilis root bark is unprocessed and quality tested, without any chemical additives. Plants are wild-sourced or cultivated to maximize sustainability and preservation objectives. We achieve this by closely working together with local farmers who are using traditional harvesting methods and value quality over quantity!


Some feedback from our clients

Searched for quite some time for a quality source. Very satisfied. Will definitely purchase again. Thanks

Ethan Lucas

Hands down BEST QUALITY product on the market! Customer service is top notch. I will ONLY order from these guys. I highly recommend Natudyes

Ryan Lynch

My order arrived very quickly. It was just what I ordered, high quality at an incredibly fair price. I will be making future purchases .

ames Rabaduex

Did My Totally awesome order arrivee on time? Yes! Did My Totally awesome order arrive as expected with all the contents? Yes! Success!

Francesca Oliver